Creating Glass Art is more than just melting a piece of glass and calling it art. It requires creative and analytical thinking, sketches, time and fine craftsmanship. That’s what JM Fusions is all about; producing an original work of art that you will be happy to call yours.

As a fused glass artist, I use System 96 fusible sheet glass and frit for my art pieces, home decor, and garden decor. From the glass, to the tools used in my work, I try and buy products that are made in the U.S.A. With the exception of some of the exotic hardwoods (which are purchased from local businesses) used to compliment my glass work, I am a firm believer in supporting small businesses in the U.S.A.

All of my work starts off as a sketch which I then draw on a larger scale to the actual size of the piece. The design is then recreated onto sheets of glass. The design is then cut by hand and layered and assembled and placed into the kiln. The kiln heats to 1500 degrees which then fuses the layers of glass into one piece of glass. The glass is then properly annealed to ensure the glass will have strength. Many times, multiple firings are required to achieve a particular look. Different techniques are used which include, slumping, casting, kiln carving, etching, and tack fusing.Â

Our wine bottle holders are unique and original. They are made by fusing a piece of glass then slumping it over a special mold that gives them their wavy shape. A wood base is then constructed out of oak to fit the glass wave that will support the wine bottle. The oak base is then stained and clear coated. Our wine bottle holders are beautiful yet functional pieces of art.

Our wine bottle cheese board serving trays are made from recycled wine bottles. They are cleaned and then placed into the kiln and brought to over 1500 degrees. The high temperatures cause the bottle to flatten out and “slump”. The wine bottles are then embellished with fused glass pieces. Often times, customers have them personalized and give them as gifts. They are personalized by using a special gold firing pen that turns to 22k-24k after it has reached the proper temperature. The gold lettering is fused onto the glass and will not come off. It is also food safe. All recycled wine bottle cheese trays (with the exception of the large 1.5L size bottles) come beautifully packaged in an organza gift bag and have a coordinating cheese spreader included.

Some of my sculptures are made using a technique called “Kiln Carving”. Carving is used to create unique textures and designs in the glass. The designs are drawn onto a special fiber paper and then the details are carved out of the fiber paper. The glass is placed on the design and in the heating process; the glass takes on the design that was created using the fiber paper. After firing, the glass is then fitted with a stand that is made of exotic pieces of solid hardwood. These solid pieces of exotic hardwood are naturally beautiful and we clear coat it to enhance the natural color and wood grain. The glass is then securely attached to the base with an industrial strength epoxy.

Fused glass tiles for your kitchen backsplash, bathrooms, and showers add a beautiful finishing touch to your room. Fused glass tiles can be made in standard tile sizes as well as custom sizes. Accent tiles are also available if you are looking for just a touch of glass to sparkle and add a pop of color to your area. Accent tiles are sold individually.  Backsplash tiles are sold by square foot.  Price per square foot will depend on pattern, color, and design of your specific project.  Discounts are available for qualifying orders.*

Below are some examples of the glass art process.