Growing up in San Diego, CA, my interest in art began at an early age. I took several art classes as a child.   Later I began to experiment with acrylic (plastic). I was fascinated by the resemblance it had to glass and how the light would radiate through the colors.

In 2009, the opportunity arose to attend a glass fusing class. I attended my first basic fusing class taught by Glass Artist, Rob Morey. Once I began selecting colors and cutting glass, I immediately knew I discovered my passion and rekindled my artistic abilities. I took a second class with Rob a year later, this time working on my own projects. I knew that working with glass was something I wanted to continue to do, but due to the equipment needed and lack of space at home, it just wasn’t possible. In 2011, we moved to our home in Poway, CA.  As a Christmas gift that year, my fiancé, surprised me with a kiln and set up a studio for me so I could begin to create art out of our home.

I began selling my glass art in 2012. My first commissioned piece was for a local orthodontic practice. I made 7 fused glass surfboards to hang in the lobby and treatment area.  Other commissioned work I have had include glass surfboards that were turned into awards for Aflac in Los Angeles, CA, and many wall sculptures in residences throughout the U.S. and in the UK. Some of those projects were for the clients of interior designers.

I am influenced by many things throughout the course of the day. There are many nights where I lay in bed visualizing new pieces or I am awoken by ideas of what my next piece of glass art will be. When a client contacts me for a custom order, I love working with them to expand on their ideas, and make their vision become a piece of beautiful custom art that they will cherish for years to come.

I am continuing to expand and broaden my skills in this medium. I have completed several Interior Design courses which allows me to design an art piece that will compliment the colors,style, and space of the customer’s home.  .

In my off time I enjoy spending time with my family which consists of my daughter, Ashlyn, my fiancé, Nick, and our 2 cats, Clairette and D’Artagnan.  I also enjoy camping, traveling, hiking, off-roading, rafting, cooking, reading, and archery.

Most recently, we relocated to Northern California. With a larger studio, I look forward to learning new techniques and creating new, larger pieces.


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